From the mouths of babes

Mom and dad are you getting as much out out of your faith as the little ones? The other day i was notified of a situation where a two year old was refusing to wear her seat belt. Her 5 year old sister trying to persuade her to put it on asked if she wanted to die and go to heaven and never see mommy and dad again? Now thats food for thought! LORD JESUS help us big kids we pray …..ūüėŹ

Sunday june 10

We enjoyed a very intense Sunday School class today and we thank the LORD for That Opportunity.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The rest of the day was laden with examples of what Christ foretold of future events. Matthew 10:17 he prophesied¬† of Christian persacution which has widely developed into true worship (church) persecution.¬† What was so inspiring about his message to us is that those that belong to him are not intimidated. We might rather as humans wish there be some other way but none the less Christ and his own are GOD willing to continue in the faith that was set be for us amazingly even if at one time we were disobedient when we were self pleasers.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The evening service continued in that direction with an example from Joshua chapter seven. The LORD told Joshua to stop praying and investigate to the point of calling out the tribe of where a trespass had been committed calling out the family plumb down to the individual and requiring them to confess their shame.¬† I truly believe it is time we quit praying for those that show unbelief. Put some feet on our prayers and if we truly love them burn them with shame! Who am I talking about? THOSE THAT CLAIM TO BE HIS YET TRAMPLING THE VERY BLOOD THAT SET THEM FREE. The LORD impressed in the sermon that we could find ourselves in a state of disbielef if we allow these things and we might even find ourselves being Intimidated to the point we just give up or lay around whineing to GOD¬† or even¬† gossiping to someone else. Remember GOD’s people are not intimidated. Not even by a pool of water repent and be baptized today!








I wanted to add a little about Wednesday night. It was a very good service and fit completely with the events of the day I had in the field. Thanks to Sister Kay’s obedience and King David I might add, we were right where we¬† needed to be. Our discussion led us in a direction of faith stability and a modern day lack of. I pointed out that there are people trying to run Gods house and the affairs of who need to be pointed in a direction or even need to be told what church they need to attend so they can learn how to simply go to church. I had one young man in mind and Happy Home church would be a place I would point him to. Good guy and I believe one day could make a great man of GOD but his present leadership leads to a fleshy type of worship. We might ask ourselves how did 10 tribes of God’s chosen people become lost? Our perfect example is an old testament Revelation if we visit the scriptures. Ten tribes that is proportionally a large mass lost! Let’s¬† learn how to go to church and stay in the light so that everyone has a chance to receive the perfect gift (the one that gives it). If we look at modern times considering the lost tribes, it was the whole tribe that was lost and led astray. That means every age group in that tribe! Food for thought hope you like.

Sunday evening

We started our evening service with prayer request and included those that weren’t with us. We missed Peggy and Royce and sang without music but in good voice and harmony.

We were pleased to have our visitors and the message was brought from Romans chapter 7. It was asked if we knew what grace looked like. Chapter 7 gives a good analogy also we have been studying about King David who through his triumphs and trials we have an outstanding example and should not be surprised that grace comes only from the LORD even if he chooses to use us as a vessel to manifest his grace. Paul points out that even in times that he overstepped his boundaries grace was there also reassuring us of a constant guide. That’s how God’s children can live in this present world lending a spiritual hand just as JESUS did in his alloted time, his freewill working copletely in conjunction with God’s grace amidst a World and religion that wasn’t. In this present world, and even in Pauls time, we have only one hope and trust and that is in the one that succeeded. He can show us the way because he is the way the truth and that glorius light!

Quarterly meeting

Our quarterly association¬† meeting went well although we had several unable to attend.¬† We richly enjoyed the fellowship and worship. Members had some good testimonies and I want to share sister Lou’s. She talked about some of the woes of her life. I am still amazed she ever experienced anything bad because all the years I have known her you could sence she was a person of blessing. At 93 she stated that any time we face trouble we should say JESUS, JESUS ,JESUS . I am intrigued¬† by that because I know it’s true when you call on the savior 3 times you call out a trinity, Father SAVIOR who sent his son, LORD SAVIOR who is the eternal Son and our King, HOLY SPIRIT SAVIOR who is our present help straight from the FATHER and SON (JESUS name means SAVIOR)¬† i am so glad for Lou because she wears her faith so thankfuly. Sister Teresa even stated in her later years after all the good she had done for humanity darkness had been her constant companion.

We had an interesting message from brother Dwayne who also brought some visitors that we were pleased to have. Lead Hill church won the attendance banner. Good job guys!

Sunday evening 4/22/18

The service tonight had a spirit of GOD sightings talking about things that come about and knowing that the LORD was in them. The supernatural is truly amazing and I even experienced such in preparation of tonight’s message although in modern times we need to diligently try the spirits and not be quick to call things the Holy spirit or lay hands on any man suddenly. We tried some new songs tonight and then had time for specials . The message hinged on scriptures from 2nd Corinthians chapter three and psalms 18:13 befor being led to Jesus in St john 7:51. Jesus ministry was being crucified in the hearts of the Pharisees and others were being led to join that band wagon although Nicodiemous pointed out the Law did not allow for judging a man without hearing from him. The point is there are always two sides to every story and it is foolish to only hear one side and make a judgment. Paul experienced that in the Corinthian church and is even pleading with us today to hear and know the Gospel ,stay away from things that confuse it and cause others to crucify the LORD in their heart. One example of that is the old saying I wouldn’t¬† go to church with those hypocrites. Can you make an honest judgement on that statement¬† without hearing from the one who will judge us all. JESUS you are a wonderful Savior and you are my King thank you for your HOLY spirit working through people like the apostle Paul !

Sunday Evening April 15, 2018

Sunday evening was a musical blessing with a short devotion by the Pastor that sparked a special word from brother Vic that we were thankful to receive . Talking about the spiritual body that we will receive when We will be changed. Making me think of how he is presently working on those that are set apart (sanctified) for his service. We Thank GOD for the visitors that came our way also. We missed brother Royce today and look forward to his return.

Sunday morning April 15.

It was a blessed day in the LORD….
There was quite a bustle in the Sanctuary this morning as we prepared for worship. Through his power earth can sometimes move heaven. We were greatly blessed from heaven this morning and earth was moved. We were opened in prayer by sister Sharon and our services commenced with young ones cheerfully attending to some of the duties. SS classes began and adult class led by brother John Weisbrod was a virtual success by the result of study and discussion being the goal predicted. The music personally I felt was a huge success as some of the little ones let go of fears and decided to use microphones. Stepping out of the boat can do us all some good and the LORD is blessed. He loves willing souls in his Kingdom.

This is the first time I have ever done a recap of the message but the scripture was from the 4th chapter of Genesis first four verses and last two verses we found there that Abel’s offering was consumed by GOD and there was a fiery respect for the man and the offering. Cain was burned by this and envy over took him causing him to destroy his very own avenue to GOD which was a man that was able to show him the correct way. Then the last two verses showed how another man was sent Seth. His name meaning substitute. He had the ability to show the correct way and his lineage is in the Line of Jesus even though he bore a son by the name of Enos meaning mortal and frail. The last line of chapter four talks about men begining to call on the name of the LORD at Enos time meaning it was a failure to just call on his name and never really know him. If one never knows him how could they be a substitute for him. It is vanity to merely attend church ( call upon his name ) if you don‚Äôt truly know him. Are you a substitute for Jesus?

Wednesday Evening April 11, 2018

Our Wednesday evening service was started off as usual by Pastor Gregg asking for prayer requests, after which Mac led us in prayer.

We than sang “When They Ring The Bells of Heaven” and “Just A Little Talk With Jesus”

Peggy had the devotion this evening and chose Psalms Chapter 34, after she read the chapter and claimed verse 1, as one of her favorite verses in that chapter, we had some discussion among ourselves and several of the folks present express their thoughts on other verses.

It was a really good evening and I believe everyone felt blessed for attending, I know that I did.


Small Praise Report

I have been around long enough to know that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  But I have to lay claim to seeing it personally today.

This web site as of today is hosted free courtesy of I did get the paperwork necessary and our church is a 501 (c3) and Dreamhost provides free shared hosting to non profit organizations.

I stepped out on a limb about a month ago and accepted a challenge from our pastors wife, about something that we might be able to do to help our church to grow, and I came up with putting a website together, well this is the “fruit” of that challenge, and I spent a tad over $300.00 to get it up and running. I chose Dreamhost because I had heard that they provided service for non profit organizations and thought it was worth a try.

Well Today we have a website up and running and I had my money refunded back to me.

What can I say but, Thank you Lord.

It has been a tiny blessing to me to be able to get it going and even to keep the blog running.