Quarterly meeting

Our quarterly association  meeting went well although we had several unable to attend.  We richly enjoyed the fellowship and worship. Members had some good testimonies and I want to share sister Lou’s. She talked about some of the woes of her life. I am still amazed she ever experienced anything bad because all the years I have known her you could sence she was a person of blessing. At 93 she stated that any time we face trouble we should say JESUS, JESUS ,JESUS . I am intrigued  by that because I know it’s true when you call on the savior 3 times you call out a trinity, Father SAVIOR who sent his son, LORD SAVIOR who is the eternal Son and our King, HOLY SPIRIT SAVIOR who is our present help straight from the FATHER and SON (JESUS name means SAVIOR)  i am so glad for Lou because she wears her faith so thankfuly. Sister Teresa even stated in her later years after all the good she had done for humanity darkness had been her constant companion.

We had an interesting message from brother Dwayne who also brought some visitors that we were pleased to have. Lead Hill church won the attendance banner. Good job guys!

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