Sunday evening 4/22/18

The service tonight had a spirit of GOD sightings talking about things that come about and knowing that the LORD was in them. The supernatural is truly amazing and I even experienced such in preparation of tonight’s message although in modern times we need to diligently try the spirits and not be quick to call things the Holy spirit or lay hands on any man suddenly. We tried some new songs tonight and then had time for specials . The message hinged on scriptures from 2nd Corinthians chapter three and psalms 18:13 befor being led to Jesus in St john 7:51. Jesus ministry was being crucified in the hearts of the Pharisees and others were being led to join that band wagon although Nicodiemous pointed out the Law did not allow for judging a man without hearing from him. The point is there are always two sides to every story and it is foolish to only hear one side and make a judgment. Paul experienced that in the Corinthian church and is even pleading with us today to hear and know the Gospel ,stay away from things that confuse it and cause others to crucify the LORD in their heart. One example of that is the old saying I wouldn’t  go to church with those hypocrites. Can you make an honest judgement on that statement  without hearing from the one who will judge us all. JESUS you are a wonderful Savior and you are my King thank you for your HOLY spirit working through people like the apostle Paul !

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