I wanted to add a little about Wednesday night. It was a very good service and fit completely with the events of the day I had in the field. Thanks to Sister Kay’s obedience and King David I might add, we were right where we  needed to be. Our discussion led us in a direction of faith stability and a modern day lack of. I pointed out that there are people trying to run Gods house and the affairs of who need to be pointed in a direction or even need to be told what church they need to attend so they can learn how to simply go to church. I had one young man in mind and Happy Home church would be a place I would point him to. Good guy and I believe one day could make a great man of GOD but his present leadership leads to a fleshy type of worship. We might ask ourselves how did 10 tribes of God’s chosen people become lost? Our perfect example is an old testament Revelation if we visit the scriptures. Ten tribes that is proportionally a large mass lost! Let’s  learn how to go to church and stay in the light so that everyone has a chance to receive the perfect gift (the one that gives it). If we look at modern times considering the lost tribes, it was the whole tribe that was lost and led astray. That means every age group in that tribe! Food for thought hope you like.

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