Wednesday Evening 3/27/2019

I had a new experience this week, our church had a footwashing, I had heard about this type of ceremony all my life but had never been to one. Let me just say it was a really enlightening experience for me.

In my research into this custom in some churches I stumbled across a sermon that explained a lot to me. I will share a link to it:

If you have about 25 minutes to listen without interruption it will be 25 minutes well spent if you listen.

I guess I should mention that I do not have permission from to repost this link I just hope that I am not going to get into troubl

e for it..


Sunday March 10, 2019

This morning we had a very good Service (I thought), Pastor Russ brought a message titled ” Who Say Ye That I Am”

It has been a hectic few days for me, and today was not much different, a little hectic.

And then to top it off our Pastor and his wife had a wreck on the way home from church I do not have a lot of info on what happened but I do know that Both the Pastor and Pam, his wife are going to be fine, Pam was taken to the Hospital and released. She will be stiff and sore for a while, but she will be fine.

The enemy of God is doing all he can to prevent the work of Christ from going forward. But we can still keep on doing the best that we can, and serve the Living God as we are led by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday February 17, 2019

It was a blessed day to be at Happy Home Church this day. Both services and this being the 3rd Sunday of the month it was also dinner day at church. There was a lot of good fellowship and food, It was a little bit of a disappointment that our Pastor’s wife was unable to attend today but that is the way it is with the working world sometimes.

Our Pastor brought us a lesson this morning on the Prayer of Jabez as found in 1st Chronicles 4:10.

We then had a very good dinner let’s see there was potato soup, vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup, cooked cabbage and sausage, there was ham, and a tater tot casserole, then there was the pies, and I may miss a few. cherry, apple, custard, a cream pie, some chocolate cake, ice cream, well you get the idea, plenty of food.

Then this evening our pastor brought the message on the prayer of our Lord from Matthew 6: 9-13. I am so thankful that we have the example of our Lord on how to pray. If you really study the prayer of our Lord you will discover that every thing that we need to pray about is included.

Indeed just a good day to be praising the Lord.

Sunday January 13, 2019

It was a blessing for me to go to church and know that we was going to have a pastor for the day.

It was a little bit of a busy day but we had a wonderful service.

I guess that today is the first time I have ever heard a sermon preached on the history and origin of the Bible.

Wednesday evening January 9, 2019

We have a pastor…. well maybe. It was decided last night to ask Brother Russ Mathews to be our pastor on a trial basis for 3 months.

I believe that he will agree but I have not heard as yet whether he has accepted.

I am hopeful that he will. I really believe that he would be a gift for us.

Ok now that I have that off my chest. We did have a good devotional service covering Ephesians Chapter 1 led by Mac with some good questions and discussion.

Sunday Morning December 9, 2018

Well It started out normal, well as normal as it gets for me. Then my phone rang and it was our Sunday School Superintendent saying that he would be unable to attend. That was not exactly what I wanted to hear but I was able to work with it and If necessary I could cover that part of the duties. We got to church and did not have a preacher show up. I am unsure what happened there but we had Sunday School a little longer than normal, which was a good thing. Then my phone rang again and I found out that I would be unable to attend the evening service. Back to the morning service, we did have some extra time to sing some Christmas music, so we did wind up having a good service and the Lord was present with us. 

I still hope that we do not have too many times that we do not have a preacher. 

Sunday December 2, 2018

I am thinking that I may change up the blog a bit, by not listing what all happened at church. Who sang what and such, but try just giving my general opinion of the service. 

For this first new try, let me reiterate that Happy Home Church is looking for a pastor. Our little church has been without for several months now and it has been an interesting experience in going through the process of finding someone to take on the responsibility of pastor for a small church. 

For this past Sunday it was a bit of a refreshing experience to listen to a young man who is just starting out in his preaching experience. A 22 year old young man. Confidence, yes he could use a little more but that will come with time. I believe that there is the makings of some good pastor material there. I hope to hear this lad  a time or two more before we decide to make a vote on someone. 

It was a pleasure to have this young preacher’s daughter in attendance, what a cutie. Now before you start thinking me a dirty old man she is just about a year old, and I can’t help myself I like babies, sometimes it seems a shame that they have to grow up to be teens. 

Colton, is developing a style of preaching that will serve him well in his future what ever that may take him in his preaching experience. He is going to several places in the Bible to find passages of Scripture to make his points. That seems to me to be a really safe way to preach. If you can find the same thing three or four different times telling the basic same truth it almost has to be Biblical teaching. 

Finally I wish all the preachers that we have been privileged to hear over the last couple of months much success in their lives. 

Sunday Morning October 21, 2017

The morning service was opened by Mac asking for prayer requests and Juanita led us in prayer. 

We then recited the pledges to the Flags and Bible, and sang “Son Go Bring My Children Home”. 

Sunday School class was then held with John Teaching the lesson. about king Ahab from the last chapter of I Kings and the first Chapter of II Kings. 

Coins for Christ was then collected after which we sang “God On The Mountain”, “I Never Shall Forget The Day” and “Heavens Jubilee”. 

Peggy sang “Jesus Is Living In Me” 

Mac and Sara sang “Victory IN Jesus”

We then had a very special song by a very young man who sang “Jesus Loves Me” I am making a guess here and saying that this lad was maybe 6 years old, but the point is that it is a blessing to see young children participating in our services. 

John then sang “If We Walk With Him” from the book of I John 1;7

Brother Mark then brought the message from Luke chapter 24 stressing the importance of accepting that Christ was crucified for our sins and it is required that we, each one of us, accept the salvation that is offered through His death. 

Royce closed the meeting in prayer. 

Sunday Evening October 7, 2018

Mac opened with requests for prayer and John led us in prayer.

We sang “I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him”, “God On The Mountain”, “There is Power In The Blood”, Tell It To Jesus” and “Will Jesus Find You Watching”

John Sang “Unto Us A Son Is Born”

Mac and Sara Sang “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms”

And The Clemens Family sang “Come And Dine”

Our guest preacher Jack Clemens then Brought the message from Luke 15:11-32

It was a powerful message and one needed in our day and time.

Sunday Morning October 7, 2018

Ok lets get caught up on the blog

We had a really good service Sunday Morning.

Mac Opened by asking for prayer requests and Royce led in prayer.

Pledges to the Flags and Bible were repeated by all, and we sang “Revive Us Again”.

We then moved up for Sunday School Class.

After Sunday School the we sang “Victory In Jesus”, Oops Missed one, and “The Old Country Church”

Peggy then sang “If Jesus Comes Tomorrow”

Peggy and Juanita then sang “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”

John Sang “Search Me O God”

Mac and Sara Sang “My Lord Will Send A Moses”

We had a guest preacher this morning and it was a real treat to have Brother Robert Roberts bring us a message from the Word of God using Exodus 17: 8-14 as a text.

It is encouraging to realize sometimes that we need someone to hold our arms for us when we just get too burdened to hold our own.