Sunday Evening April 29, 2018

Pastor Gregg started the evening asking for praise reports and prayer requests, we then had a prayer circle and Pastor Gregg led us in prayer.

We then sang “The Old Country Church”, “O The Glory Did Roll”, “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, “Draw Me Nearer” and “God On The Mountain”.

Peggy and Juanita sang “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven” Again this eveing. they said something about practicing on us, but it sounded like they had done some practicing before they got to church.

John H sang a song that I did not recognize and I failed to get the title from him. Sorry.

Mac and Sara sang “Mansion Over The Hilltop”.

Vic and Carol were with us this evening and sang “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, “By The Mark Where The Nails Have Been” and “When He Reached Down His Hand For Me”

Pastor Gregg then delivered the message about “Stonewashed Genes” taken from┬áDeuteronomy 13:6-10 telling how God was serious about worshiping false gods. And John 8:52-59 talking about Jesus telling the Jews that he was before Abraham.

We should be very careful to worship God in a way that is pleasing to Him and avoid falling into the trap of worshiping god is a way that is pleasing to us as humans.

Pastor Gregg asked for a song and “Is Thy Heart Right With God” was chosen and Vic Dismissed us in prayer.

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