Sunday Morning April 1, 2018

Mac opened the service by asking for prayer requests. After prayer the pledges were repeated to the Flags and Bible.

We sang “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”

Sunday School was then started and we studied 1st Corinthians chapter 15. The apostle Paul was talking about the resurrection, and as I understand it, the resurrection was the element or part of the life of Christ that makes possible our faith in being able to live again in heaven with God. There was a lot of good discussion on this chapter.

Announcements: April 4, 2018 Business Meeting, April 15, 2018, Church Dinner, April 27, 2018 Quarterly Meeting at Happy Home Church.

The big kids Gregg, and Sara, took up the coins for Christ. Since we did not have the “wee tiny ones” for Sunday School today.

We then Sang “Glory Land Way”, “I Never Shall Forget the Day”, “Inside The Gate” and “I’ll Fly Away”,

After the offering Mac and Sara sang “Farther Along” and John W sang blessed Assurance.

Pastor Gregg then presented the message titled “That’s a Powerful Lamb” and he used Psalms 110

This Psalm is talking about Jesus Christ, it deals with the power majesty and might of our Lord.

A very good choice of scripture for a Resurrection morning message. Pastor Gregg even got an “Amen” from a young boy in the audience, when talking about the Blood of Christ. (well done Hunter)

It was a very blessed day.

We were then dismissed by Mac.



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