Sunday Evening April 1, 2018

Pastor Gregg, started us off asking for prayer requests, of which there were several , and invited everyone to the front for a prayer circle.

We were blessed because there were some of the area churches did not meet this evening, I presume because it was Easter Sunday, and they wanted to let their families be together. But we did reap the benefits of that by having several in attendance from area churches.

We sang “I’m Bound for That City”, “Because He Lives”, “When I See the Blood”, “When They Ring the Bells of Heaven” and “Hallelujah We Shall Rise”.

Vic and Carol sang When the Savior Reaches Down for Me”

Lena sang “I Came on Business of The King”

John W sang “Are You Washed In The Blood of The Lamb” which he also narrated. He did it well.

Everyone (well almost everyone) sang “I’ll Fly Away”, “That Same Spirit”

John H Sang He could have called “10000 Angels”

Vic and Carol then sang “When He Was on The Cross”

Pastor Gregg then invited all who wished to partake of the communion supper, to the front of the Church.

after which we all sang “I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him”

and Vic dismissed us in prayer.

Personal note here, While I do enjoy being at church, it is a real task to try to remember three services in one day to blog about, I may have to enlist a tiny bit of help if we do this again.

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