Sunday December 2, 2018

I am thinking that I may change up the blog a bit, by not listing what all happened at church. Who sang what and such, but try just giving my general opinion of the service. 

For this first new try, let me reiterate that Happy Home Church is looking for a pastor. Our little church has been without for several months now and it has been an interesting experience in going through the process of finding someone to take on the responsibility of pastor for a small church. 

For this past Sunday it was a bit of a refreshing experience to listen to a young man who is just starting out in his preaching experience. A 22 year old young man. Confidence, yes he could use a little more but that will come with time. I believe that there is the makings of some good pastor material there. I hope to hear this lad  a time or two more before we decide to make a vote on someone. 

It was a pleasure to have this young preacher’s daughter in attendance, what a cutie. Now before you start thinking me a dirty old man she is just about a year old, and I can’t help myself I like babies, sometimes it seems a shame that they have to grow up to be teens. 

Colton, is developing a style of preaching that will serve him well in his future what ever that may take him in his preaching experience. He is going to several places in the Bible to find passages of Scripture to make his points. That seems to me to be a really safe way to preach. If you can find the same thing three or four different times telling the basic same truth it almost has to be Biblical teaching. 

Finally I wish all the preachers that we have been privileged to hear over the last couple of months much success in their lives. 

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