Sunday Morning October 21, 2017

The morning service was opened by Mac asking for prayer requests and Juanita led us in prayer. 

We then recited the pledges to the Flags and Bible, and sang “Son Go Bring My Children Home”. 

Sunday School class was then held with John Teaching the lesson. about king Ahab from the last chapter of I Kings and the first Chapter of II Kings. 

Coins for Christ was then collected after which we sang “God On The Mountain”, “I Never Shall Forget The Day” and “Heavens Jubilee”. 

Peggy sang “Jesus Is Living In Me” 

Mac and Sara sang “Victory IN Jesus”

We then had a very special song by a very young man who sang “Jesus Loves Me” I am making a guess here and saying that this lad was maybe 6 years old, but the point is that it is a blessing to see young children participating in our services. 

John then sang “If We Walk With Him” from the book of I John 1;7

Brother Mark then brought the message from Luke chapter 24 stressing the importance of accepting that Christ was crucified for our sins and it is required that we, each one of us, accept the salvation that is offered through His death. 

Royce closed the meeting in prayer. 

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