Sunday Evening May 20, 2018

Our evening was started off with prayer requests and Praise reports, Mac led the prayer service. we then sang “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand”, “Just Over In Glory-Land”, “When We All Get To Heaven”

Peggy then sang “He Touched Me”

Sharon and Peggy sang “Search The Book Again”

John W sang “Mansion Over The Hill Top”

Mac and Sara sang “Heavens Jubilee”

Pastor Gregg the brought the Message from the Book of Daniel Chapter 3 Verses 1-25. What a well known story of the bravery of “Three Hebrew Children” who braved a horrible death by fire, for refusing to bow down to a god made of gold. It seems that they were well aware that they would die, but with one voice they determined that death in this life would be preferred to being forced to disobey the laws of the Living God. They had faith that the Living God could if he chose save them from the hands of a furious king, and If  he chose to not save them they would still be true to their faith.

I reckon that we need a few more guys like these in our day.

A very good message and may we all take its lessons to heart.

We then sang “Under His Feet” and were dismissed by Sharon (I think) that distracted thing again, she is a cute little girl.

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