Wednesday April 4, 2018

The evening was started off asking for prayer requests, and there were several, and a couple of praise reports.

After prayer we sang, “I Know I,m Saved”

Carla had devotion this evening and chose Hebrews Chapter 5. which in my interpretation deals with what a pastor should be, giving us the example of Jesus to follow. There was some discussion on the chapter this being the business meeting we were dismissed from the devotion with a prayer by Pastor Gregg, and opened the business meeting in the fellowship hall.

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Sunday Evening April 1, 2018

Pastor Gregg, started us off asking for prayer requests, of which there were several , and invited everyone to the front for a prayer circle.

We were blessed because there were some of the area churches did not meet this evening, I presume because it was Easter Sunday, and they wanted to let their families be together. But we did reap the benefits of that by having several in attendance from area churches.

We sang “I’m Bound for That City”, “Because He Lives”, “When I See the Blood”, “When They Ring the Bells of Heaven” and “Hallelujah We Shall Rise”.

Vic and Carol sang When the Savior Reaches Down for Me”

Lena sang “I Came on Business of The King”

John W sang “Are You Washed In The Blood of The Lamb” which he also narrated. He did it well.

Everyone (well almost everyone) sang “I’ll Fly Away”, “That Same Spirit”

John H Sang He could have called “10000 Angels”

Vic and Carol then sang “When He Was on The Cross”

Pastor Gregg then invited all who wished to partake of the communion supper, to the front of the Church.

after which we all sang “I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him”

and Vic dismissed us in prayer.

Personal note here, While I do enjoy being at church, it is a real task to try to remember three services in one day to blog about, I may have to enlist a tiny bit of help if we do this again.

Sunday Morning April 1, 2018

Mac opened the service by asking for prayer requests. After prayer the pledges were repeated to the Flags and Bible.

We sang “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”

Sunday School was then started and we studied 1st Corinthians chapter 15. The apostle Paul was talking about the resurrection, and as I understand it, the resurrection was the element or part of the life of Christ that makes possible our faith in being able to live again in heaven with God. There was a lot of good discussion on this chapter.

Announcements: April 4, 2018 Business Meeting, April 15, 2018, Church Dinner, April 27, 2018 Quarterly Meeting at Happy Home Church.

The big kids Gregg, and Sara, took up the coins for Christ. Since we did not have the “wee tiny ones” for Sunday School today.

We then Sang “Glory Land Way”, “I Never Shall Forget the Day”, “Inside The Gate” and “I’ll Fly Away”,

After the offering Mac and Sara sang “Farther Along” and John W sang blessed Assurance.

Pastor Gregg then presented the message titled “That’s a Powerful Lamb” and he used Psalms 110

This Psalm is talking about Jesus Christ, it deals with the power majesty and might of our Lord.

A very good choice of scripture for a Resurrection morning message. Pastor Gregg even got an “Amen” from a young boy in the audience, when talking about the Blood of Christ. (well done Hunter)

It was a very blessed day.

We were then dismissed by Mac.



April 1, 2018 Sunrise Service

How fast a sad somber morning can change, so it was nearly 2000 years ago. The Word tells us in John 20 that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb while it was still dark, and the stone was already rolled away. Sadness, which, I am certain at that instant turned to fear, Terrible gut wrenching fear, because she thought the body of the Lord had been taken away in the night. She ran to tell the disciples what she had found, and they all then went to the tomb where Peter and John found the tomb empty and the grave clothes in the tomb. The disciples then left, and Mary, seemed to be left standing at the tomb, when she was blessed with the appearance of the Lord. And then the joy that takes place of the fear and sadness.

I got up this morning while it was still yet dark, and went to the church with my sister, where we attended a Sunrise Service. It was a beautiful, though cool morning, and I had a tiny bit of apprehension, maybe “fear” about what I was going to say.  we got started a little late about 6:20 singing Christ Arose.

John W then led a devotion and spoke from Luke 23: 33-43 concerning the trial of Jesus and his sentence to death, ending with the pronouncement that the one malefactor would that day be with him in paradise. and in Luke 24: 22-26 talking about Luke’s version of the women who went to the tomb to find it empty and saw the vision of the Angels who proclaimed he was alive.

Also in Matthew 28: 16-20 where the risen Lord was commanding the disciples to baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

John admonished us that we need to bear witness to the world that Jesus has made possible, planned and executed the plan of salvation and he made it free.

My sis then gave a testimony, illustrating about how Jesus gave his life for ours, and our God allowed him to do it for us even though he did not know us but knew that if he did not go through with the plan we would have no chance. and admonished us to not spurn what Jesus had done.

I then tried to “ditto” what john and said. Being rebuked in a loving way I went ahead and used the shortest verse in scripture. John 11:35 Jesus wept.

I asked why he wept? Was it because everyone else was weeping? because Lazarus had died? Because Lazarus would have to die the 2nd time? Maybe because Jesus himself would soon die? Maybe because we will all die?

I then expressed my belief that if it had not been for the resurrection that the birth, suffering shame and death of Jesus would have been in vain. The empty tomb is THE part of the entire life of Christ that makes it possible to obtain salvation.

I then gave a brief discussion on the history of Easter, and how the date for the celebration of Easter is calculated, and a little of why.

We then went up to the shop building and enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast. homemade french toast, pancakes sausage eggs hash browns biscuits & gravy, bacon, orange juice and Coffee, maybe I did not miss too much in that list.

It was a very good way to start the day. We even had an audience of deer that attended the service this morning. about 10 of them, I was told.


Singing Fish Fry

I got to the church a little early to see if I could be of any assistance to those that were actually working, and did get to help carry some of the food and supplies up to the building where we were serving dinner. About 4:00 the fish started singing as they sizzled away in the hot oil, and it sounded pretty good. they tasted really good when they came out of the oil. Peanut Oil? who knew that it could make fish sing so good. There were a lot of good fixins to go with the fish,  including fried taters and onions, beans, salads of all kinds, fried biscuits, a marvelous table of desserts, and fellowship and visiting that would warm any heart. I certainly hope that all in attendance felt welcome.

By 7:00 PM we had made our way into the church and there was some good singing by Vic and Carol Murdy, “Farther Along”, “The Tramp on the Street”, “God on the Mountain”, “I’ve Got More to Go to Heaven For”, “I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore”, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”, “Keep Me In Your Will”, “Keep On the Sunny Side”, “There Was One Drop He Shed Just For Me”, “Someday Soon We’re Going Over”, “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, “Far Side Banks of Jordan”, “The Anchor Holds”.

Then Gregg, Carla, John, Kay Mac, and Sara sang “Every Day” and “Small Town Someone (Lunch)” I had never heard either one of these songs, but they both had a good message.  Then Vic and Carol joined the group and they did “Ring the Bells of Heaven”, “Heavens Jubilee”, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “He Set Me Free”.

John W Then Sang “How Great Thou Art”

Peggy was asked to sing and she chose “Because He Lives” and then the road song, “Highway to Heaven” was requested.

Vic and Carol had taken a few minutes to take a break and came back and finished up the evening doing; “I Will Meet You In the Morning”, “Gone Home” and finished off with the Christian Anthem “Amazing Grace”

What a blessed evening of music, I might even learn to like music a tiny bit.

We were then dismissed in prayer by Pastor Gregg.



Wednesday March 28,

We had 10 attend our service last night well 11 if you count me.

There was a good discussion on the reason to use the King James Bible in our services. And after prayers we sang “The Old Country Church”.

Kay had the devotion and led a good discussion on James Chapter 3, talking about how the tongue can be so hard to get under control. It seems to be such a TINY thing but can cause so many HUGE problems.

There was quite a lot of good discussion on the chapter, and we should have all been convicted at least to some extent. Because it is so hard to keep the tongue bridled.

Then Pastor Gregg read the Prayer of Solomon from 1 Kings chapter 8, and in the wisdom of Solomon he seemed to be talking about Jesus in that prayer.

We were dismissed by a Prayer from Mac,

A good service and a good night to be in the house of the Lord.


Pastor Moseley Checking in

What a beautiful drive it is to our church home since our neighbors have upgraded their fence and cleared the brush opening up for viewing creation by a Divine creator! This is looking to be a grand Easter season. Our congregation has also put forth some elbow grease and are opening new avenues of usefulness of the facility we have been blessed with. I am still amazed how none of this would be possible without our wonderful Savior who took a rough treacherous road and lent his hand in time that all would have an opportunity and an avenue to a place with Almighty GOD our Savior who sent his son that we might be his sons and daughters if we so choose. Have you found your place? You will be happy and blessed!!!

Sunday Evening March 25, 2018

This evening it seemed like a caravan to Church there were 5 cars all pulled into the parking lot one behind the other.  There was some work to get done to unload supplies for the Singing Fish Fry that is coming up on Friday, March 30, of this week. (and YOU are invited).

It was A real treat to see a couple of brand new visitors this evening. I am sure that I do not have their names correct but I did get Gene Hogard and,  Kay Peaks, though spelling may not be correct. I did enjoy both of you being there this evening. I hope that you feel welcome and want to come back.

We started the evening off with a prayer circle and John W. led the prayers.

We then sang “Ring the Bells of Heaven”, “Hallelujah We Shall Rise”, “I want to know more about my Lord”, “I never shall forget the day”

Peggy then sang “Highway to Heaven”

Diane sang “For every valley there’s a lily”

Peggy and Sharon sang, “Sheltered in the arms of Jesus”

Mac and Sara then sang “Take my hand precious Lord”

After that we all retired to the Fellowship hall and finished up the Sunday School Lesson and this time we did get the 22 chapter of 1 Samuel read and discussed. I am learning to appreciate more and more the ability of John to lead our Sunday School discussions.

The life of David, second king of Israel, is a very interesting study. He, like most of us, made some very serious errors in judgment at times, but he, seemed to be able to humble himself before the Lord and get forgiven. This does not mean that David did not get punished for his transgressions, because he did have some very hard punishments in his life.

Our evening was concluded by a prayer offered by Pastor Gregg.

Sunday Morning March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday, How blessed we are to have a Savior who loved us enough to lay down his life that our sin might be forgiven.

Mac opened the service asking for prayer requests, of which there were a few, and a few of our regulars were absent and need to be remembered in prayer.

Pledges to the flags and bible were given after which Sunday School classes were started.

Miss Sophie was our birthday girl for today and will be turning 5 years old on this week. Just like a big girl stood in front of the church and everyone sang happy birthday to her.

Our adult class was studying Samuel chapter 22, which we did not get through — Again, but we did have a very good discussion on the fact that bad things are going to happen to good people. Sometimes when it seems that things are as bad as they can possibly get, there is always a way for it to get worse. That was the case for David as he was just trying to survive and keep out of the way of Saul King of Israel, who was looking to take his life. David had received some assistance from the Priest and word got back to Saul, who promptly had the priest and all of his family killed, except one son who escaped to tell David what had happened.

Sunday morning service resumed with the collection of coins for Christ, and then the singing started. with Sophie wanting to sing “Inside the Gate”. Followed by; Midnight Cry, I’ll Fly Away, and What a lovely Name.

Peggy then sang “He Touched Me”

Carla, Autumn and Sophie then sang “I’ve Got More to Go to Heaven For”

John then sang “Could You Please Come Down To Me”

Mac and Sara sang “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”

Pastor Gregg then delivered the message for the morning Synopsis from Luke 19:32-36 talking about the colt that the Lord needed. The synopsis or short version of the story is that Our Lord was about to lay down his life to make possible the salvation of the human race. All mankind needs to do is believe and accept the Gift of God.

The closing song was “Have Thine Own Way Lord” And the closing prayer was given by John W.

I realize that everyone that attends, any event or service, takes away from it what is important to them at that particular time. But I am beginning to understand a little better the true meaning of the Easter Season, and am appreciating it more and more. Thank you Pastor Gregg for the sermon this morning.

Saturday Evening March 24, 2018 Singing

This evening we had our monthly singing. there were 13 people present and enjoyed the fellowship. Prayer was offered by Pastor Gregg and then there were the following congregational songs. “When they ring the bells of Heaven”, “Victory in Jesus”, “Turn your radio on”, “Heaven’s Jubilee”, “If there is no God”, “Won’t it be wonderful there”, “I never shall forget the day”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “Thank you Lord”, “Under His Feet”, “God on the Mountain”, “I want to be ready to meet Him”, “I am bound for that city”, “Higher Ground”, “The sweetest song I know”,

Then John and Travis sang, “In the eye of the storm”, “I’d Rather have Jesus”, “At Calvary”.

Travis then did “Set me free”.

Vic and Carol then sang “Bring my children home”, “Leaving on my mind”, “My anchor holds”, “The love of Jesus” and What a Lovely Name”

John H sang “Golden Calf” I am unsure that this title is correct but it was talking about Aaron making the Golden Calf that the children of Israel worshiped in the wilderness of Sidon, while Moses was on Mt. Sinai getting the 10 commandments. I had not ever heard that song.

After all that singing all present retired to the fellowship hall to partake of the refreshments that had been brought in.

On a personal note here, I personally, am not a huge fan of music, of any variety, but I can admit that this type of music that just comes from the heart is probably as good at it gets, in my opinion. And if it were not my desire to keep up on the goings on at Happy Home Church and to blog about the goings on there I would not likely attend the singing.

It is my hope that this website is a blessing to you.