Sunday Evening March 25, 2018

This evening it seemed like a caravan to Church there were 5 cars all pulled into the parking lot one behind the other.  There was some work to get done to unload supplies for the Singing Fish Fry that is coming up on Friday, March 30, of this week. (and YOU are invited).

It was A real treat to see a couple of brand new visitors this evening. I am sure that I do not have their names correct but I did get Gene Hogard and,  Kay Peaks, though spelling may not be correct. I did enjoy both of you being there this evening. I hope that you feel welcome and want to come back.

We started the evening off with a prayer circle and John W. led the prayers.

We then sang “Ring the Bells of Heaven”, “Hallelujah We Shall Rise”, “I want to know more about my Lord”, “I never shall forget the day”

Peggy then sang “Highway to Heaven”

Diane sang “For every valley there’s a lily”

Peggy and Sharon sang, “Sheltered in the arms of Jesus”

Mac and Sara then sang “Take my hand precious Lord”

After that we all retired to the Fellowship hall and finished up the Sunday School Lesson and this time we did get the 22 chapter of 1 Samuel read and discussed. I am learning to appreciate more and more the ability of John to lead our Sunday School discussions.

The life of David, second king of Israel, is a very interesting study. He, like most of us, made some very serious errors in judgment at times, but he, seemed to be able to humble himself before the Lord and get forgiven. This does not mean that David did not get punished for his transgressions, because he did have some very hard punishments in his life.

Our evening was concluded by a prayer offered by Pastor Gregg.

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