Sunday Morning March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday, How blessed we are to have a Savior who loved us enough to lay down his life that our sin might be forgiven.

Mac opened the service asking for prayer requests, of which there were a few, and a few of our regulars were absent and need to be remembered in prayer.

Pledges to the flags and bible were given after which Sunday School classes were started.

Miss Sophie was our birthday girl for today and will be turning 5 years old on this week. Just like a big girl stood in front of the church and everyone sang happy birthday to her.

Our adult class was studying Samuel chapter 22, which we did not get through — Again, but we did have a very good discussion on the fact that bad things are going to happen to good people. Sometimes when it seems that things are as bad as they can possibly get, there is always a way for it to get worse. That was the case for David as he was just trying to survive and keep out of the way of Saul King of Israel, who was looking to take his life. David had received some assistance from the Priest and word got back to Saul, who promptly had the priest and all of his family killed, except one son who escaped to tell David what had happened.

Sunday morning service resumed with the collection of coins for Christ, and then the singing started. with Sophie wanting to sing “Inside the Gate”. Followed by; Midnight Cry, I’ll Fly Away, and What a lovely Name.

Peggy then sang “He Touched Me”

Carla, Autumn and Sophie then sang “I’ve Got More to Go to Heaven For”

John then sang “Could You Please Come Down To Me”

Mac and Sara sang “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”

Pastor Gregg then delivered the message for the morning Synopsis from Luke 19:32-36 talking about the colt that the Lord needed. The synopsis or short version of the story is that Our Lord was about to lay down his life to make possible the salvation of the human race. All mankind needs to do is believe and accept the Gift of God.

The closing song was “Have Thine Own Way Lord” And the closing prayer was given by John W.

I realize that everyone that attends, any event or service, takes away from it what is important to them at that particular time. But I am beginning to understand a little better the true meaning of the Easter Season, and am appreciating it more and more. Thank you Pastor Gregg for the sermon this morning.

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