Saturday Evening March 24, 2018 Singing

This evening we had our monthly singing. there were 13 people present and enjoyed the fellowship. Prayer was offered by Pastor Gregg and then there were the following congregational songs. “When they ring the bells of Heaven”, “Victory in Jesus”, “Turn your radio on”, “Heaven’s Jubilee”, “If there is no God”, “Won’t it be wonderful there”, “I never shall forget the day”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “Thank you Lord”, “Under His Feet”, “God on the Mountain”, “I want to be ready to meet Him”, “I am bound for that city”, “Higher Ground”, “The sweetest song I know”,

Then John and Travis sang, “In the eye of the storm”, “I’d Rather have Jesus”, “At Calvary”.

Travis then did “Set me free”.

Vic and Carol then sang “Bring my children home”, “Leaving on my mind”, “My anchor holds”, “The love of Jesus” and What a Lovely Name”

John H sang “Golden Calf” I am unsure that this title is correct but it was talking about Aaron making the Golden Calf that the children of Israel worshiped in the wilderness of Sidon, while Moses was on Mt. Sinai getting the 10 commandments. I had not ever heard that song.

After all that singing all present retired to the fellowship hall to partake of the refreshments that had been brought in.

On a personal note here, I personally, am not a huge fan of music, of any variety, but I can admit that this type of music that just comes from the heart is probably as good at it gets, in my opinion. And if it were not my desire to keep up on the goings on at Happy Home Church and to blog about the goings on there I would not likely attend the singing.

It is my hope that this website is a blessing to you.


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