Wednesday June 20, 2018

Pastor Gregg started off asking for prayer requests. and led in prayer.

We then sang “Because He Lives”

Royce had the devotion and chose the title “She needs me”

I was talking about, Zyla actually, and how she needs the love, support, comfort, instruction and understanding of myself and each of the members of the church. But taking it a little bit deeper and including each of the members of the church needing each other for all these same reasons as well as how we are dependent on God for these things in our own lives.

We may not like all the things that are done all the time, but we still need each other and we must learn to understand that just because we might think we would act, say, or do differently we usually do not know all the circumstances involved that have to be dealt with at the time.

It was just one of those services that I seemed to need more than anyone else.

Mac dismissed us in prayer.

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