Sunday june 10

We enjoyed a very intense Sunday School class today and we thank the LORD for That Opportunity.            The rest of the day was laden with examples of what Christ foretold of future events. Matthew 10:17 he prophesied  of Christian persacution which has widely developed into true worship (church) persecution.  What was so inspiring about his message to us is that those that belong to him are not intimidated. We might rather as humans wish there be some other way but none the less Christ and his own are GOD willing to continue in the faith that was set be for us amazingly even if at one time we were disobedient when we were self pleasers.                  The evening service continued in that direction with an example from Joshua chapter seven. The LORD told Joshua to stop praying and investigate to the point of calling out the tribe of where a trespass had been committed calling out the family plumb down to the individual and requiring them to confess their shame.  I truly believe it is time we quit praying for those that show unbelief. Put some feet on our prayers and if we truly love them burn them with shame! Who am I talking about? THOSE THAT CLAIM TO BE HIS YET TRAMPLING THE VERY BLOOD THAT SET THEM FREE. The LORD impressed in the sermon that we could find ourselves in a state of disbielef if we allow these things and we might even find ourselves being Intimidated to the point we just give up or lay around whineing to GOD  or even  gossiping to someone else. Remember GOD’s people are not intimidated. Not even by a pool of water repent and be baptized today!







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