Sunday June 24, 2018

I am going to combine both services today, I may be getting a little lazy but they did kind of go together.

We had our singing this morning with Peggy accompanying on the piano, “Under His Feet”, “Inside The Gate” and “Living By Faith”

Pastor Gregg brought the message from John 18:1-9, Acts 17: 22-27 and Psalms 50:7-8. talking about the transcendent power of God.

God still does have the power to do miracles today just like He has always had. God can still do all those things that men can not explain.

and we closed with “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”.

This evening we opened with prayer from Carla, and then sang “Sweet Hour Of Prayer”, “Hold To Gods Unchanging Hand” and  “That’s Why I Love Him So”.

Oh I forgot this Morning that Peggy and Juanita sang, “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven”. Well they did it again this evening and it sounded just as good as it did in the morning. The recording this morning did not come out as good as it should have so it we requested that they do it over.

Pastor Gregg then brought the message from Genesis 22:12-17 Exodus 17: 8-15, Judges Chapter 6. all of these were talking about things that God instructed people to do. showing his power. The message this evening was talking about how the ancient Israelites worshiped God, the same God that we worship today. How that we today are worshiping One God even though it is in three beings, The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.

How we today have to come to God only through Jesus our Lord.

Both really good sermons.

We closed the service this evening with “Are You Ready”.


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