Sunday Morning September 16, 2018

There were several prayer requests this morning and and prayer was led by Mac, as I remember. 

Pledges to the flags and Bible were repeated by all. 

I will have to edit this post to reflect the opening song today. 

Sunday School classes were then taken up and our new teacher John Hamilton did a good job of bringing the lesson found in I Kings chapters 9 through 11, dealing with King Solomon and his failure to follow all the precepts of the Lord. 

After Classes were back in the coins for Christ were collected. This program is used to support various children’s charities in the local area. 

We then sang “I Want To Know More About My Lord”, “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, “What A Lovely Name”, “The Sweetest Song I Know”, “Turn Your Radio On” and “I’ll Have a New Life”. 

Juanita and Peggy then sang “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven” 

Sharon and Peggy sang “Keep Me Safe Till The Storm Passes By”. 

And Mac and Sara sang “Are You Washed In The Blood”.

Gladys then gave a little talk on why we should be sharing our faith in Jesus with others. 

John Hamilton then brought us a message from II Timothy 4:7-8. 

A very timely message on what it means to be persevering and keeping the faith. We do appreciate John for his willingness to step in and preach for us on occasion, while we are in search of who it is that the Lord wants to lead our little flock. 

I must add as a personal note that it was a little bit of a bittersweet service for me as the realization is setting in that Pastor Gregg is no longer with us, but I know that God has a good leader in store for our little church and we need to wait on him to figure out who it is, and not get in too big a rush to fill the position until we know it is who should be there. 

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