Vacation Bible School Week

Ok I missed the first couple of days of VBS, but I finally got to attend on Wednesday and there were about 16 young people present. I was impressed with the amount of work time and effort everyone had put into getting this event to come off and be a success. If you have never helped out in a Vacation Bible School, you really do not know all the behind the scenes work, (Hard Work), that goes into it. Sometimes, I am sure that those that put in all the work would like to spend some of that time relaxing, but when it is all said and done They are going to be there again next year doing it all over again.

Our children in our communities are worth the effort in trying to get them grounded in the Lord before they get led in the wrong direction by the enemy of the Lord.

I did miss Thursday, but Friday was a wonderful time culminating with a Pizza Party at the swimming pool. and swimming after dinner.

There were about 35 people present including parents and children. It was a good time to visit and I have to say that there was almost no issues among the children everyone seemed to get along fine. All the (fights) I saw looked to me like splashing fights that was ringing with laughter.

We really do have a good group of kids to work with and I would like to see the numbers greater next year.


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