Sunday Morning September 9, 2018

What a beautiful morning a little bit damp, as it had rained, but just overcast skies. I did get to attend Sunday School and Church today, and everything seemed to be going along almost as normal until I discovered that I had made a mistake in the Church Bulletin and, failed to delete the monthly singing — for last month, it was still in the coming events. Oh well it was already printed and I could not change it in time. 

Mac opened asking for prayer requests and there were a few. Mac led us in prayer. We then sang “Love will roll the clouds away”. Pledges to the flags and bible were repeated. Sunday School classes were then called up.  Our adult class studied the building of Solomon’s Temple in I Kings Chapters 5-8 there is a lot of material there to cover in a 45 minute class Pastor Gregg did a good job on teaching this lesson today.

We then took up the Coins for Christ collection and sang “I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him”, I Never Shall Forget The Day”, I Know I’m Saved” and “What A Lovely Name” 

Peggy and Juanita then sang “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”.

Peggy and Sharon sang “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”. 

Mac and Sara sang “Amazing Grace” 

Pastor Gregg then brought the message titled “Just Like The Cross Some Things Are Not As They Appear” using II Thessalonians 2:1-3 as his text. 

Talking about the end times and the fact that there is to be a falling away of the church. 

It seemed that everything was normal but then our Pastor informed us of his intention to resign as Pastor of the church. 

There was some discussion and much prayer. 

It is my hope that Pastor Gregg, will reconsider, or that the Lord will adjust his intentions, however it is my belief that the Lord has a plan and it is a good one, and He will work this out to His Glory. 

I have no intention of taking Gregg off this website as Pastor of Happy Home Church for at Least 30 days. It is also my hope and wish that Gregg has the blessing of the Lord, in all he does. My support and best wishes are with you my Brother in Christ. 

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