Sunday Evening September 9, 2018

It was a rather long afternoon while waiting for evening service time to come around. I did go over to the church early to sort out some paper that I had been given to print the church bulletins on and by the time I got that done it was almost time to show up for services.

We did have several show up and we did discuss some of what we all thought we should be thinking about doing, to keep the church going. While no decisions were made officially we did decide to wait until Wednesday evening to discuss our situation further. 

Mac opened the meeting in prayer, we then sang “Send the Light”, Turn Your Radio On”, I’d Rather Be An Old Time Christian”, The Son Hath Made Me Free”, I’ll Fly Away”, I’d Rather Have Jesus” and “I Never Shall Forget The Day”

Mac and Sara sang “The Old Country Church”

Sharon, Peggy and Juanita sang “Search The Book Again”

John Hamilton then recited a poem he had written titled “He Loved Me” very well done. 

Vic and Carol then sang “Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me” and “The Anchor Holds” 

Vic then brought the message from II Peter 3:10-18 admonishing the christian people to be ready for the coming of the Son Of God. 

Royce then dismissed the service in prayer. 

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