Sunday Morning May 13, 2018

What a beautiful morning for us to celebrate Mothers Every Where. All of us have one in our lives and hopefully we all had one that we are proud of and love like no other person on earth.

We had eight mothers that I am aware of in attendance this morning, and There were several of those mothers that had their grown children in attendance with them.

Our service was started off with prayer requests and praise reports, and then Juanita led us in prayer.  We then sang “Victory in Jesus” after which we were led in the pledges to the flags and Bible.

Sunday School was then opened and our class was studying the 13th chapter of 2nd Samuel. This scripture is talking about the rape of Tamar by her brother, or likely a half-brother, and the eventual revenge against him by Absalom. All adding to the punishment of the king David for his sin.

After the Sunday School classes were back in the coins for Christ was collected and we had excellent help from Gage and Maddox.

We then sang “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, ” What A Lovely Name”and “Love Will Roll The Clouds Away”.

After the offering portion of the service Frank (Peggy’s son) sang and played on the piano “I Saw A Man”

Marshall then sang and played the Banjo “Why Me Lord” and “He Set Me Free”.

Juanita had been requested to sing “i Believe” which she did beautifully.

Pastor Gregg then brought the message “Mother Of Us All” using Joel 2:27-28. talking about the dreaming dreams and seeing visions, all pointing to accepting Christ as our savior.

Also Matthew 23:37-39 again talking about Jerusalem and pointing to Christ.

and Finally Galatians 4:26 which is talking about The New Jerusalem being the mother of us all.

The closing hymn was “The Old Country Church” and Marshall dismissed us in prayer.

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