Wednesday August 22,

Finally….. I was able to attend a service, I have had to miss 3 or 4, It was a really good feeling to be back in and to be able to worship with the Church Family. 

There were several prayer requests that were brought in and Pastor Gregg led us in prayer. 

We then sang “Because He Lives” 

John Hamilton was the leader of the devotion this evening and he presented several scriptures discussing the way to become a “son of God” which can be summed up in a nutshell “you must be born again” 

A really good devotion and there was some good discussion. 

After John finished there was another John who volunteered to lead next week. I hope I can be there for that. 

Pastor Gregg then had the 145th Psalm read each of us reading one verse and then Gregg finished it up.  There was then some discussion on that passage of scripture. 

Royce then dismissed the meeting with prayer. 

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