Sunday Morning April 29, 2018

This morning Mac started the service asking for prayer requests, and he then asked John W to lead us in prayer, after which Mac led in the pledges to the Flags and Bible.

We then sang “When All Of Gods Singers Get Home” after which we all went to Sunday School Classes. We were blessed to have eight children present this morning.

Our adult Sunday School lesson was on 2 Samuel chapter 7  and dealt with God’s Promise to David concerning establishing his house and lineage forever.

After Sunday School classes came back in the coins for Christ were collected. It is always a blessing to have the children come around to collect the coins. They are always so bright and happy.

We then sang “Inside The Gate”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “What A Lovely Name”, after which the morning offering was collected.

Peggy and Juanita then sang “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven”

John W, sang “I Went Down To The Water” a song he had written about being baptized.

Mac and Sara sang, “Are You Washed In The Blood”

Pastor Gregg then presented the message he titled ” That that lasts forever” Using Romans 1:1 and Isaiah 9:5-6 talking about Jesus being our savior and the eternal life with God. There really are things that will last forever,  but not too many of those things are going to be in this life. But it is in this life that we must make the preparations for the life that is to come.

The invitational song “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow” was sang and the service was then dismissed in Prayer by Sharon.


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