Small Praise Report

I have been around long enough to know that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  But I have to lay claim to seeing it personally today.

This web site as of today is hosted free courtesy of I did get the paperwork necessary and our church is a 501 (c3) and Dreamhost provides free shared hosting to non profit organizations.

I stepped out on a limb about a month ago and accepted a challenge from our pastors wife, about something that we might be able to do to help our church to grow, and I came up with putting a website together, well this is the “fruit” of that challenge, and I spent a tad over $300.00 to get it up and running. I chose Dreamhost because I had heard that they provided service for non profit organizations and thought it was worth a try.

Well Today we have a website up and running and I had my money refunded back to me.

What can I say but, Thank you Lord.

It has been a tiny blessing to me to be able to get it going and even to keep the blog running.


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