Sunday Evening May 13, 2018

Pastor Gregg started off the service by asking for prayer requests and inviting everyone to the front for a prayer circle, and also invited everyone to pray around the circle.

We then sang “I Want To Know More About My Lord”, “I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven”, “Until You’ve Known The Love Of God”.

Mac and Sara then sang “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again”

Sharon Sang “Sheltered In Safe Within The Arms Of God”

John W sang another song he wrote I will call “Works Won’t Get You In To Heaven”

John H sang about Psalm 139 I think, I was a little distracted with a really cute little girl (but I really was trying to pay attention).

Pastor Gregg then presented the message from Isaiah 2:1-8. talking about the salvation, that Christ so freely offers.  And how we should be careful of what we are making idols of.

Peggy chose the closing song of “Take My Hand Precious Lord” and then Pastor Gregg dismissed us in prayer.


Sunday Morning May 13, 2018

What a beautiful morning for us to celebrate Mothers Every Where. All of us have one in our lives and hopefully we all had one that we are proud of and love like no other person on earth.

We had eight mothers that I am aware of in attendance this morning, and There were several of those mothers that had their grown children in attendance with them.

Our service was started off with prayer requests and praise reports, and then Juanita led us in prayer.  We then sang “Victory in Jesus” after which we were led in the pledges to the flags and Bible.

Sunday School was then opened and our class was studying the 13th chapter of 2nd Samuel. This scripture is talking about the rape of Tamar by her brother, or likely a half-brother, and the eventual revenge against him by Absalom. All adding to the punishment of the king David for his sin.

After the Sunday School classes were back in the coins for Christ was collected and we had excellent help from Gage and Maddox.

We then sang “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, ” What A Lovely Name”and “Love Will Roll The Clouds Away”.

After the offering portion of the service Frank (Peggy’s son) sang and played on the piano “I Saw A Man”

Marshall then sang and played the Banjo “Why Me Lord” and “He Set Me Free”.

Juanita had been requested to sing “i Believe” which she did beautifully.

Pastor Gregg then brought the message “Mother Of Us All” using Joel 2:27-28. talking about the dreaming dreams and seeing visions, all pointing to accepting Christ as our savior.

Also Matthew 23:37-39 again talking about Jerusalem and pointing to Christ.

and Finally Galatians 4:26 which is talking about The New Jerusalem being the mother of us all.

The closing hymn was “The Old Country Church” and Marshall dismissed us in prayer.

Wednesday Evening April 2, 2018

Well call me a slacker! Here it is Friday and I am just getting around to Wednesdays blog post.

Pastor Gregg started the service off asking for prayer requests and praise reports for which there were several of each. It is awesome to know that we are serving The Living God who answers prayers. It is also good to hear the reports of the answered prayer.

We sang “Will Circle Be Unbroken”

Carla led the devotion this evening and she used the 6th Chapter of Ephesians, which talks about a couple of important things starting with obedience of children to parents and servants to masters, and finally reminding us that God is the final Master.

And then continuing on telling us to be armed with the armor of God and then telling us what the armor is and how it is to be used. What a blessed passage of Scripture.

Mrs. Ulla then closed the devotion with prayer and Royce opened the business meeting with prayer.

A very constructive meeting was then held deciding to recover the floor in the kitchen and dining areas.

and making a contribution to “Loving the Least of These” a support “store” in Mountain Grove that gives clothing and supplies to families who take foster children in.

And finally reaffirming that we wanted to keep Pastor Gregg Moseley as our pastor. after which our meeting adjourned.

Sunday Evening April 29, 2018

Pastor Gregg started the evening asking for praise reports and prayer requests, we then had a prayer circle and Pastor Gregg led us in prayer.

We then sang “The Old Country Church”, “O The Glory Did Roll”, “I Never Shall Forget The Day”, “Draw Me Nearer” and “God On The Mountain”.

Peggy and Juanita sang “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven” Again this eveing. they said something about practicing on us, but it sounded like they had done some practicing before they got to church.

John H sang a song that I did not recognize and I failed to get the title from him. Sorry.

Mac and Sara sang “Mansion Over The Hilltop”.

Vic and Carol were with us this evening and sang “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, “By The Mark Where The Nails Have Been” and “When He Reached Down His Hand For Me”

Pastor Gregg then delivered the message about “Stonewashed Genes” taken from Deuteronomy 13:6-10 telling how God was serious about worshiping false gods. And John 8:52-59 talking about Jesus telling the Jews that he was before Abraham.

We should be very careful to worship God in a way that is pleasing to Him and avoid falling into the trap of worshiping god is a way that is pleasing to us as humans.

Pastor Gregg asked for a song and “Is Thy Heart Right With God” was chosen and Vic Dismissed us in prayer.

Sunday Morning April 29, 2018

This morning Mac started the service asking for prayer requests, and he then asked John W to lead us in prayer, after which Mac led in the pledges to the Flags and Bible.

We then sang “When All Of Gods Singers Get Home” after which we all went to Sunday School Classes. We were blessed to have eight children present this morning.

Our adult Sunday School lesson was on 2 Samuel chapter 7  and dealt with God’s Promise to David concerning establishing his house and lineage forever.

After Sunday School classes came back in the coins for Christ were collected. It is always a blessing to have the children come around to collect the coins. They are always so bright and happy.

We then sang “Inside The Gate”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “What A Lovely Name”, after which the morning offering was collected.

Peggy and Juanita then sang “When I Take My Vacation In Heaven”

John W, sang “I Went Down To The Water” a song he had written about being baptized.

Mac and Sara sang, “Are You Washed In The Blood”

Pastor Gregg then presented the message he titled ” That that lasts forever” Using Romans 1:1 and Isaiah 9:5-6 talking about Jesus being our savior and the eternal life with God. There really are things that will last forever,  but not too many of those things are going to be in this life. But it is in this life that we must make the preparations for the life that is to come.

The invitational song “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow” was sang and the service was then dismissed in Prayer by Sharon.


Quarterly Meeting

I did not get to attend the Quarterly meeting on Friday evening April 27, 2018.

I hope someone will reply with some notes and or post a blog on what all happened.


Wednesday Evening April 25, 2018

Our evening was started off with Prayer by Brother Mac, and we then sang, “O The Glory Did Roll”

John had volunteered to do the Devotion for the evening but he was unable to attend so the other John took over and gave a very good impromptu devotion on Hosea 7: 7-12 I think, I was distracted a little by a little girl. well, she is cute.

We did have a good discussion on this scripture and we even went into Isaiah, and 2nd Samuel, to discern how good the Lord is to us.  Also that we should seek diligently the Salvation he freely offers.

I was called upon to close the evening with prayer.

Good service and I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship of friends.

Sunday Morning April 22, 2018

Mac opened by asking for prayer requests, of which there were a few, and one that I should mention here, is to pray for the salvation of the souls of men.

There was a little talk about the new baptistery.

There is still a little work to be done to have it functional but I think that it looks good setting in the front of the Church.

We had our Sunday School class on 2nd Samuel Chapter 5 which discussed the kingship of David. and how he waited on the Lord to make the way for him. He united the fragile kingdom and became a strong king that reigned for 40 years.

Pledges were given to the flags and Bible, and then we sang “Canaanland Is Just In Sight”

Birthdays were then asked for and Kay suggested that I may have missed my birthday by being absent last week. So It was Diana and Me that the folks got to sing happy birthday to.

We were then reminded that Next week, Friday would be the Quarterly Meeting and it would be hosted by Happy Home Church at 7:00 PM. Also our regular monthly sing would be the following day on Saturday, also at 7:00 PM.

Coins for Christ was then collected. by one of the big Kids since the little one is a smidge short of walking yet. but it won’t be long now.

We then sang “Come and Dine”, “When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven”, “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” and “Shelter from the Storm”.

The offering was then taken after which Peggy sang “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”, and Mac and Sara sang Farther Along,

Pastor Gregg then brought the Message “Jesus Has A Table Spread–Something for Everyone” Using John 21: 4-12 as the text. which talked about the Lord telling the Disciples how to catch fish. And then having fish and bread cooking for them.

Pastor Gregg discussed the eventuality that Jesus would have a table spread in Heaven for us, and a little of what heaven will be like. using Revelation 21:16

A very good message for us this morning.

We sang “Kneel At The Cross” for a closing song, and Juanita dismissed us in prayer.


Yard sale success

I do not have exact figures but the yard sale was a success. clearing around $500.00, and there is still a little bit to come in yet.

A huge thanks to all who helped out in this project.

Thursday getting ready for yard sale

I am probably going to get in trouble for posting this one but we had a good day yesterday,

I am just going to say that you need to try to be at church Sunday because there might be a tiny difference in the appearance of the church you will probably notice it right off.

I hope to see you there.