Sunday Morning August 26, 2018

I was blessed to be able to attend Sunday School and Church this morning. Prayer requests were talked about as there is an effort to revamp the Prayer Request list for the Church Bulletin. And then Bro. John Hamilton led in prayer. 

Pledges were then repeated to the Flag of the United States, The Christian Flag and the Bible. 

Sunday School classes were then taken up and our adult class finished up the last two chapters of Colossians. There was some really good discussion on these passages of Scripture. 

After Classes Our Church Kids took up the Coins for Christ collections. It is a blessing to have a few kids who attend on a regular basis. 

The singing was done with Peggy playing the piano and singing “Inside The Gate”, “Beulah Land”, and “Heavens Jubilee”.

Mac and Sara sang “Precicous Memories”

John and Autumn sang “Wayfaring Stranger” 

Pastor Gregg delivered the Message titled “None Are Despised” 

The text he used was taken from Job 36: 1-6 and Daniel 7: 9 and 7:13-14

This is talking about God, and what power he has. God does not despise any one for any reason. God wants all men to come to know the loving side of the most powerful omnipotent God, but he is not going to force anyone to do so, and at some point he will destroy those who will not accept the gift of salvation. But he does not despise even those that will chose to destroy themselves by rejecting God. 

This was a very thought provoking message, and I was blessed to be in attendance this morning. 

The closing hymn was “Near The Cross”

Brother Mac Dismissed in Prayer. I think it was Mac anyway. 

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