Wednesday March 28,

We had 10 attend our service last night well 11 if you count me.

There was a good discussion on the reason to use the King James Bible in our services. And after prayers we sang “The Old Country Church”.

Kay had the devotion and led a good discussion on James Chapter 3, talking about how the tongue can be so hard to get under control. It seems to be such a TINY thing but can cause so many HUGE problems.

There was quite a lot of good discussion on the chapter, and we should have all been convicted at least to some extent. Because it is so hard to keep the tongue bridled.

Then Pastor Gregg read the Prayer of Solomon from 1 Kings chapter 8, and in the wisdom of Solomon he seemed to be talking about Jesus in that prayer.

We were dismissed by a Prayer from Mac,

A good service and a good night to be in the house of the Lord.


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