A repost from Bryce Mings

The following is a repost from Bryce Mings and was posted on the Ava General Baptist facebook page.

How can YOU be forgiven? Check this out from a FILLED student Bryce Mings!

Our sins can be forgiven IF YOU ASK to be AND BELIEVE in the lord with all your heart and follow him where he leads u spiritually.
The way to do this is by reading and studying his word with all the things he has done in time for others and throughout the Bible it shows us what we need to do if we wanna be in his Kingdom with him.
Like it says in john 3:16 he loves us SO much he gave up his ONLY Son for our sins which shows us how much he loves us and that we should be humble and show glory to god.

The way that god has changed my life is by all the things that I had struggled with in my life I didn’t have god in my life didn’t go to church but when I started to go and got saved and baptized it changed my life dramatically
– Bryce Mings –

used with the permission of Bryce Mings

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