Sunday Evening March 11, 2018

The evening service was started off by asking for prayer requests, of which there were several as several of our regulars were absent this evening.

After Prayer the congregation sang the following songs.

“When They Ring the Bells of Heaven”, “If We Never Meet Again”, ” I Believe He’s Coming Back”,

John then sang a special “In That City”

Carla Sang “Search The Book Again”

Then Peggy was called on the Phone and asked to listen, while the song “Turn Your Radio On” was sang with the phone on speaker mode.

Then John and Carla sang “When the Saints Go Marching In”

and To wrap up the singing John and Travis sang “When He Was On the Cross”

Pastor Gregg then gave us a good sermon from Ezra Chapter 3 talking again about rebuilding the Temple and the Offerings that were started before the Temple was completed.  And asking are we busy building the Church.

The evening service was closed with the song “Where Could I Go”

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