Wednesday August 29, 2018

Three Services in a row that I have been able to attend. It is a good thing to be in Church sometimes. Well most of the time. 

This evening Pastor Gregg started off asking for prayer requests or praise reports, and there were some of both. John Hamilton led us in prayer. 

We then sang “Just Over In The Glory-Land” 

John Wiesbrod then had the devotion on St. John Chapter 3, What a wonderful chapter containing possibly the most often memorized, as well as the most often quoted passage of Scripture in the entire Bible John 3:16. There actually was quite a lot of discussion on this chapter. It starts off telling that Nicodemus, came to Jesus by night, I just wonder if Nicodemus had known that his actions in the dark were going to be immortalized in Scripture if he would still have talked to Jesus? 

What a beautiful passage of Scripture. I am glad to get into that scripture once in a while. 

We then discussed the Prophet Ezekiel a little bit what a vision he had. To see all the glorious beings that are in the very presence of God. 

Pastor Gregg then dismissed us in prayer. 

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