Wednesday Evening April 2, 2018

Well call me a slacker! Here it is Friday and I am just getting around to Wednesdays blog post.

Pastor Gregg started the service off asking for prayer requests and praise reports for which there were several of each. It is awesome to know that we are serving The Living God who answers prayers. It is also good to hear the reports of the answered prayer.

We sang “Will Circle Be Unbroken”

Carla led the devotion this evening and she used the 6th Chapter of Ephesians, which talks about a couple of important things starting with obedience of children to parents and servants to masters, and finally reminding us that God is the final Master.

And then continuing on telling us to be armed with the armor of God and then telling us what the armor is and how it is to be used. What a blessed passage of Scripture.

Mrs. Ulla then closed the devotion with prayer and Royce opened the business meeting with prayer.

A very constructive meeting was then held deciding to recover the floor in the kitchen and dining areas.

and making a contribution to “Loving the Least of These” a support “store” in Mountain Grove that gives clothing and supplies to families who take foster children in.

And finally reaffirming that we wanted to keep Pastor Gregg Moseley as our pastor. after which our meeting adjourned.

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