Sunday morning April 15.

It was a blessed day in the LORD….
There was quite a bustle in the Sanctuary this morning as we prepared for worship. Through his power earth can sometimes move heaven. We were greatly blessed from heaven this morning and earth was moved. We were opened in prayer by sister Sharon and our services commenced with young ones cheerfully attending to some of the duties. SS classes began and adult class led by brother John Weisbrod was a virtual success by the result of study and discussion being the goal predicted. The music personally I felt was a huge success as some of the little ones let go of fears and decided to use microphones. Stepping out of the boat can do us all some good and the LORD is blessed. He loves willing souls in his Kingdom.

This is the first time I have ever done a recap of the message but the scripture was from the 4th chapter of Genesis first four verses and last two verses we found there that Abel’s offering was consumed by GOD and there was a fiery respect for the man and the offering. Cain was burned by this and envy over took him causing him to destroy his very own avenue to GOD which was a man that was able to show him the correct way. Then the last two verses showed how another man was sent Seth. His name meaning substitute. He had the ability to show the correct way and his lineage is in the Line of Jesus even though he bore a son by the name of Enos meaning mortal and frail. The last line of chapter four talks about men begining to call on the name of the LORD at Enos time meaning it was a failure to just call on his name and never really know him. If one never knows him how could they be a substitute for him. It is vanity to merely attend church ( call upon his name ) if you don’t truly know him. Are you a substitute for Jesus?

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